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"Kitchen electric globalization" era of boss electrical innovation center settled in Silicon Valley

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    In the Internet age, we see the rapid development of enterprises, but also see the business of blind, rapid pace. For China's manufacturing industry, although in the last century accumulated considerable "manufacturing strength", but also face in the "Internet of Things" era, the possibility of being subverted.

    "Made in China" is still the backbone of economic development, foreign companies can not match a major strength. With the international standards of the process, the Chinese manufacturing industry is cautious, did not dare to have lax.

    Has been the "user is king" for the corporate philosophy of the boss electrical appliances, the successful occupation of most of China's market by the Chinese millions of families of all ages, although in recent years to pay out very good results, still can not easily expand overseas markets, overseas sales Key areas or in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand and other regions. In recent years, the boss has been innovative research and development of electrical appliances, in addition to the introduction of "differentiated" and "functional" products, but also aimed at the intelligent and green, with "no limit" R & D investment to achieve innovative experience.

    Boss in the integration of resources after the listing of the use of resources is a gradual strategy in the domestic market, the lack of quality M & A projects, China has become an important "international market", international brands are also competing in the Chinese kitchen market trying to share a cup soup.

    Appears in the boss of electrical appliances, kitchen electric manufacturers in China to achieve "kitchen electric globalization" must be put into the centuries of effort. "Kitchen electricity globalization", perhaps the next second will be interpreted as Chinese enterprises crazy get together overseas manufacturing situation, we do not intend to step in place, and very cautious about this idea, from the Milan World Expo to Germany IFA show, we are Have a clear idea of ​​cultural penetration into technology research and development, truly face the globalization of cultural integration and user experience, to create a truly innovative overseas market technology, advanced cutting-edge technology and our products. "Boss electrical technology center general manager Zhang Songnian that.

    【Technology】 Technology tackling: the strength of internal and external hard to upgrade

    With the power of science and technology to support Chinese enterprises to further the strength in the sea, the boss is indeed the electrical appliances has been an important direction. On the one hand, the market performance on schedule is stable, high-speed growth, year after year to increase the proportion of R & D investment, on the other hand continue to new products, new features to innovate the market, the two sides simultaneously complement each other.

    This is attributed to the owner of electrical appliances has been the "ultimate" products and experience the perseverance, innovation time to lead the industry.

    In April 2007, the boss of a number of disruptive innovative technology products in the Beijing Great Hall of the grand release: "free washable A + +" range hood, "the main fire in the home" gas stove , "UP precise pressure control" electric pressure cooker, etc., to refresh a patent record after another; August 18, 2009, the boss electrical double-core technology in China's first high-rise - Shanghai World Financial Center glory; In August 17th, the boss introduced the hood double core 2.0, gas stove 3D speed fire, disinfection cabinet crystal diamond sense cavity, electric pressure cooker frequency precision control, touch and other five innovative technology, once again refresh the industry technical standards.

    From the kitchen electric product research and development to manufacturing upgrades, the boss electrical appliances always walk in the front. August 18, 2012, set the advanced customization of flexible production system, known as the "top domestic Seiko Manufacturing Center" - Boss Electric Intelligent Logistics Management System is the world; then, the country's first organic form of kitchen culture and technology experience Museum - "kitchen source" completion of the kitchen electrical industry to upgrade the innovative performance. In 2013, the owner of electrical technology centers and laboratories were rated as national recognition technology center and national accredited laboratories. In 2014, the boss electrical appliances released the world's first equipped with ROKI system intelligent large suction hood, open kitchen intelligent era.

    In recent years the patent is followed, CCS central purification system has applied for eight patents, 2017 is expected to increase to 30; water purifier dual reverse osmosis technology; stove "Baijiao swirl", "gold fire "And" dual-tube ejector "and other technologies, the introduction of all new embedded kitchen electric, in terms of functionality or detail experience, have a" ultimate "performance, every place worthy of lamenting the technological innovation.

    To use the power of science and technology to create suitable for Chinese consumers of kitchen electrical products, kitchen ecology, foreign top, leading technology essential, which is the boss of television with the California Innovation Center to achieve the goal; from the kitchen for domestic consumers Electrical products improved landing for foreign consumers, this is the boss of the United States California Innovation Center, an important breakthrough in trying to break. Whether domestic or foreign, Chinese enterprises want to achieve "globalization", innovation and technology to implement the enterprise "century vision."

    [Innovation] super workshop help global innovation project incubation

    According to reports, the boss of electrical appliances each year will be 3% to 5% of sales into the forefront of innovation and development, because there is the layout of research and development earlier, so the boss in 2016 introduced new embedded electrical rhythm faster. "System innovation is the focus of the company boss electrical appliances in the last 5 years has been to promote the cause of the partner system .This way to employees from the original work mentality into a cause to share, create dream team." According to reports, the general middle above Employees have equity incentives and other aspects of protection, material security is one of the criteria. Because of the "partner" system innovation, the company middle-level employees more stable.

    Refers to innovation, can not help but say that the boss of electrical appliances to improve the level of production of digital intelligent manufacturing base. The base can support the annual sales of various types of kitchen and electrical products 800 million units of scale, through the intelligent, information technology, modern production technology to create technology, greatly enhance production capacity, is an important embodiment of intelligent innovation.

    "Made in China 2025" proposed to the Chinese manufacturing industry pointed out the direction. So, on the manufacturing enterprises, "public entrepreneurship, Peoples Innovation" is a positive impact. There are enough innovative ideas and entrepreneurial ideas, often lack of resources, for this reason, the boss electrical appliances will create a "super workshop", a collection of technical research, product development, industrial design, entrepreneurial support, business model innovation, venture capital and other Resource integration incubator platform.

    According to reports, the super factory to accept employees or outsiders through access to and analysis of market feedback, stimulate creativity and ideas, the formation of self-organizing team for product incubation. "Super Workshop to help creative hatching the initial creative business value for the company with strategic direction and in line with the innovative projects.Meanwhile, the owner of electrical equipment for the incubation project supply chain, sales channels, branding, manufacturing and other platform resources, contributed Hatching products quickly into the market, close to customers. "Wang Qiang, said the boss electrical CTO.

    It is understood that the first super workshop hatch - purifying series of air purification hood - in the Jingdong public on the first day of the public on the successful completion of the public to raise the target, and the next day to double the goal of the public to achieve the fourth day break Jingdong public cigarette machine category history record of the outstanding achievements, enough to appear, super workshops in technology research and development, product innovation and platform resources on the strengths and strengths. Purification Theory Series - Air purification hoods of all the success of success, whether it is on the super-factory, or the field of kitchen electric is a milestone. Which marks the Super Workshop Chuangke platform victory in the first battle, but also marks the owner of electrical appliances in this re-definition hood.

    Super workshops rely on high-end kitchen electric leader's professional platform for electrical appliances, kitchen electrical products to the industrial design and related peripheral design and development of a dream of the creators can dream into reality. This will not only improve the owner of electrical technology in the accumulation of innovation, but also the entire manufacturing industry play a pivotal role in innovation, innovation at the moment in the forefront.

    From the success of the domestic super-factory to the completion of the California Innovation Center, the boss electrical appliances to the kitchen electric industry a booster to the "China-made" to bring more authoritative interpretation, to the kitchen electric industry to bring the development of new wind, This is the boss of the United States California Innovation Center to Zhejiang, to China, to the global history of a new milestone.

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