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Appliance enterprises to upgrade the upper reaches of military technology for the right to speak

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In December 30th this day, Fang Hongbo made a circle of friends "really is not easy, in time for the last two days in 2016 to obtain CFIUS through", and with the link "the United States to complete the acquisition of KUKA". This is also to a certain extent throughout the year for the domestic home appliances overseas M & A painting on a satisfactory full stop.

Insiders pointed out that this year 's overseas M & A is more like an upgrade of China' s household electrical appliance manufacturers. Whether Haier acquisition of GE, the acquisition of the United States KUKA, or the acquisition of the US life of electrical appliances, or TCL in Egypt, Brazil plant, round after round of overseas action, so that China's home appliance manufacturers absorb a lot of Japanese, Department of home appliances in the management and technical accumulation.

At the same time, Japanese appliances retreat brought about by the market and price space, but also to the Chinese home appliances a lot of opportunities. Armament to complete the upgrade of domestic appliance manufacturers can quickly host, to seize space, has become a major attraction this year.

TCL Group CEO, TCL Multimedia CEO Bo Lianming had previously mentioned in an interview with the media, the withdrawal of Japanese brands to domestic manufacturers to provide a market and price space, which is promising places for Chinese manufacturers. He talked about the future strategy of TCL pointed out that "the first space to the occupation, and then to challenge Samsung."

In recent years, domestic TV brands have been in Asia and Africa and other markets has made no small achievement, but has been poor performance in mature markets in Europe and America, while many years left low-end cheap labels are difficult to remove, which is Is related to its own brand power and the ability to master the core technology.

Prior to this, Liang Zhenpeng appliance industry analyst in an interview with Nanfang Daily said that as the past domestic appliance manufacturers rely mainly on the development of ODM and OEM, independent brands and failed to form a strong influence in order to truly become the world-renowned Enterprises need to have a breakthrough in the core technology.

To television, for example, has been made in the TV manufacturers are in a "lack of core less screen" period, for the cost of most of the screen, the domestic manufacturers have been relying on imports to Japan and South Korea enterprises. In recent years, the rise of BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics, so that the dilemma has eased, after the BOE contact Skyworth released the first domestic OLED TV, and Huaxing Power Technology in quantum dot technology to maintain a strong competitive edge.

But on the whole, in addition to individual manufacturers, the majority of domestic TV manufacturers for screen needs, still rely on imports to solve.

This year, through the acquisition of foreign arms upgrades to complete the domestic manufacturers, to avoid the long construction period of the uncertainty brought about by factors, perhaps the next step is to focus on the core technology mastery, brand influence on the shape, of course, Need more time.

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